The Best Cake Wins is a fun, quirky, and smart team building event. Your team members will have a sweet time competing to see who has your office’s best cake decorating skills.

A little about us: we love team building activities. We’ve seen how well it works in our own office, and we’ve since helped transformed thousands of teams across hundreds of companies. We want to do that for you, too, and we’ve found a way to do it with cake — what could be better than that?

Your event with The Best Cake Wins includes fun, engaging icebreakers, team building activities and games that have been optimized for team bonding, and, of course, the cake decorating competition of your dreams.

Teams compete in this fun team activity

Sample Event Itinerary

We’ve perfected the way we run our corporate team building activities , and we offer some extras and add-ons to customize your team event to match what your group is looking for. Our standard event looks something like this:

Activity Time
Warm Up Games, Activities, & Icebreakers 15 minutes
The Best Cake Wins Epic Cake Decorating Competition™ 60 minutes
Judging, Creative Stories, & Prizes 10 minutes
Summary & Wrap-Up 5 minutes
Total 90 minutes

Extras & Add-ons

Booking our standard package includes everything you need for a killer team building activity, but if you’re looking to add a few extra elements, we offer the following upgrades for any team event with us:

Option Details
🧀 Snack Plates Lighter food-fare like veggie platters and cheese.
🍻 BYOB Bring your own beer, wine, cocktails or sparkly water.
🎂 Pro Workshop We’ll bring in a professional cake designer to lead a decorating workshop before your competition, giving your team a new skill to take home.
👩‍🍳 Dress The Part Include custom-designed aprons for your team members.
🍰 The Traveling Bakery We decorate your space to match the sweetness of the event.
🍪 Cookie Monster Our staff will show up with a ton of cookies.
📸 Pro Photos A professional photographer will take photos of your event.
🎁 Gift Bags Fun bags for each guest full of cool surprise gifts.
🏆 Trophy A cool custom trophy that doubles as bragging rights and a fancy paperweight.
🕒 Extra Time Extend your event by one hour or two; we can entertain you as long as you want.

cake comparison

More Details

You can host your event just about anywhere. Choose to have your The Best Cake Wins at your place, or at ours, or on a bus, or in a park, or wherever you want.

We can provide MOST of your event. Here’s why our clients love us: we’re really good at keeping your team members engaged, entertained, and laughing. We can provide the location, supplies, activities, food, gifts, and laughs. The only thing we can’t bring? Alcohol, but BYOB is optional.

It works for groups of all sizes. Are there 10 of you? 100? 1,000? We love it! We can accommodate any group size; we’re a great option for team building for large groups.

Our prices are reasonable. We’re not cheap, because we have to pay our bills, but we’re reasonable. We’ll probably be on-budget for your event.